IWACA-TECH | Water quality and evaluation

Bom dia,


The last two weeks two themes were highlighted with firstly; water quality. Our expert in this field is Jessie-Lynn van Egmond. Studying environmental engineering she is dealing with the analysis of water qualities on irrigation water and groundwater.

With her portable water lab collected in Delft she created her own lab as no equipment is available here at the plantation. This way she can address multiple parameters such as electrical conductivity, pH, nitrate, hardness, sodium, ammonium, phosphate of the water and other important values that might influence the sugarcane growth when values exceed specific standards.

Together with Mozambican buddy Milton they analyse the water that is being sampled in the field so in the end final results will show if specific water qualities might be bad or good for the sugarcane and thus decrease or increase final yields in the field.

We also hit it off with our next theme hydraulic infrastructure with our engineer in progress; Gijs van den Munckhof. His focus is on estimating the flows going through the canals; how much water is actually reaching the sugarcane fields, and how fast?

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