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Hi everyone! We are Energy for Refugees and we are a Dutch NGO supported by TU Delft and composed of 10 TU Delft students that aims to help refugee camps by providing clean and renewable energy sources. Our goal as the foundation Energy For Refugees (EfR) is to alleviate energy poverty of people seeking asylum and shelter by using sustainable energy technologies. The benefits for people living in refugee camps are immediate: they can sleep feeling safe, their children have the lights on at night so they can keep up with their education, and they are able to call their families and loved ones to let them know they are on their way to a better, safer life.

StudentsforSustainability is sponsoring our project in Greece, Katsikas. Here, we will deliver a structure of 12 panels to a community workspace called Habibi.Works (@habibiworks). The reason as to why we chose Habibi.Works for this year’s project is that an EfR alumnus went to Habibi Works as a volunteer. He not only gathered useful information on the center but also “built” strong relations with the managers of the community center. Based on these relations, this year’s EfR team was able to communicate, cooperate and arrange all the meticulous details for the project!

At the end of August, we plan on going there and our preparations are in full swing. Make sure to follow us on our profile @energyforrefugees to always be up to date. We're looking forward to taking you on our journey! For more information about our cause, our past projects, the members as well as our current projects please visit

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