Energy for Refugees - Project Completed!

During the last week of September, we launched our project in Greece, Katsikas. Here, we visited the community center “Habibi.Works” to collaborate with them on a PV panel installation. Habibi.Works is an intercultural makerspace, located next to refugee camp Katsikas, where refugees can build meaningful skills, connections and above all: find rest and peace. Our PV system will power part of their facilities, such as their computer rooms and sewing machines. Next to the installation, we also contributed to the center by making community lunches and organising a workshop on their ‘Family day’.

Although the week brought along unforeseen challenges, we managed to solve them with the team and complete the installation within 10 days! We will remain to have contact with the Habibi.Works team, and check the installation remotely, to ensure the functionality and efficiency of the system.

Next up for the team is to find a new project to focus on and a new team at the end of the year to take up this challenge! Any questions about our project or interested in joining the team? Feel free to reach out to!

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