Chako | Design and partnerships

We have been in Zanzibar for around four weeks now. In the last two weeks, we have improved the design for the new workplace with the practical knowledge that we have gained here. For example, the design had to be adapted because of some activities that cause a lot of noise. Furthermore, we have visited the possible piece of land for the new workplace. The negotiations for this piece of land are currently on its way.

In the last two weeks, we have also been busy with setting up partnerships between Chako and resorts. Together with Anneloes, the owner of Chako, we have visited different resorts to gain practical knowledge about the interaction with resorts. In the last few days we have sent e-mails to the interesting resorts in the North of Zanzibar about the possibility of a collaboration with Chako. Next week we will visit the different resorts on Zanzibar that have shown interest in a collaboration.

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