Chako | Last weeks

During our final weeks in Zanzibar we have made a plan in collaboration with the company Davis & Shirtliff to provide the new workplace of Chako with solar panels. Solar panels would not only make the recycling process of Chako more sustainable, but it would also be the perfect solution for the frequent power cut-outs in Zanzibar. Because the employees only work during daytime and the sun in Zanzibar shines at quite a constant level, solar panels would be ideal for Chako.

Furthermore, we have been busy with some other things during our last phase of the internship; we have for example done interviews with the partners of Chako for a new Facebook series and we have presented Chako’s products and ideas at a primary school in Kendwa village.

In our final week in Zanzibar we have received some good news about the new workplace of Chako. One of Chako’s most important partners on the Island, a new resort named Zuri, has told Chako that they will support the new workplace by purchasing second hand shipping containers for them. Although this was some good news, it also became clear that we would not witness the start of the building of the new workplace ourselves. This was a shame, but in the end we did everything that we had planned beforehand; the design of the new workplace was finished, the budget was almost completed and the project will be left in the capable hands of Mani and Anneloes. We are looking back on our internship very positively and we have had a great time in Zanzibar.

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