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A common medical condition in India is anemia, a disease that takes many lives. Pregnant women and children are susceptible to this condition and without proper help, this disease takes an incredible amount of lives. Anemia is an easily treatable disease, the drugs are abundant even for the poorest, the only problem is that people don't know they are anemic. Biosense has developed a device that can change this.

Biosense is a medical device that can determine whether a patient is anemic, the great thing about the technology that Biosense has developed is that people are tested without being pricked into the skin. The technology used in the Western world is based on piercing the skin, drawing blood and then testing it. Firstly, this technique is expensive and secondly, in countries where hygiene is less developed, the wound that develops can become infected.

The team that will be going to India for Biosense will investigate how best to design the device and what the local population has in terms of functions and appearance. Once back from India they will make a working prototype with the financial support of S4S, which will then be sent to the Biosense company in India and what will be further produced there.

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