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Team Biosense left for India three weeks ago to fight anemia. Anemia is a very common condition in India that leads incredibly often to the death of pregnant women or the death of babies.

Anemia is a condition that is easy to cure and the drugs are affordable for every layer of the population, there is only one problem, people do not know they have anemia, so it is mainly about testing. Biosense, a company founded by four Indian students, has found a cheap and hygienic solution for this.

The current test method, which we also know in the Netherlands, uses pricking the skin and analyzing a drop of blood. In India, this method is expensive and unsanitary, so people do not get tested for financial reasons or fear.

Biosense has developed a device that can only check whether someone is anemic by simply placing a type of peg on the index finger, without piercing the skin.

The technology is currently ready and team Biosense (follow them at has traveled to India to optimize the current design for Biosense, significantly reduce costs and investigate how the local people will use it. A prototype will be the result of their stay in India.

Team Biosense, with their new design, bridges the gap between a disease and a cheap medicine, all in all a wonderful project with great potential!

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