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The use of charcoal for cooking food in developing countries is a major problem. The use of charcoal is largely responsible for deforestation. In Kenya the problem itself is so great that only 2 to 3 percent of the original forest is left. Two alternatives to charcoal, which Bio Solutions is going to research, are solar cookers and biogas.

Bio Solutions goes to Malindi where solar cookers were introduced in the past, the problem is that they are no longer used, the locals have switched to using charcoal again. Bio Solutions will investigate why this is and will optimize the effectiveness of the solar cookers.

Furthermore, a biogas installation has been built in Malindi and it is almost ready for use. Bio Solutions will assist with the latest installation operations and with knowledge gained in Delft they will adjust the biogas installation as well as possible.

S4S assists with the sponsoring of measuring equipment and account usage.

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