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Bio Solutions is now completely finished with their research in Kenya. In their research they have achieved a number of useful results for the shelters in Kenya. Ultimately, solar cookers, a biogas installation, drying fruit and installing a solar boiler were investigated.

Trials have been conducted in the research into solar cookers that will contribute to the development of new solar cookers.
The biogas installation that was already present in Malindi was not working properly due to a lack of compostable materials, they have agreed with the local prison that manure can be collected from cows three times a week, so that the biogas installation is now fully operational.

The existing drying cabinets for fruit have been adapted to get the fruit dry faster.

Finally, an inventory was made of how the costs of using charcoal could be reduced. More efficient and smaller fire braziers have been bought and by using a solar boiler, 75% of the required charcoal could be saved in the future.

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