Muima - Update III

Last week the mould we waited for finally arrived in Mumias. Even though we were very happy you could feel the tension among us. Would the product come out right? And would the difference in sound actually be noticed?

After looking at the mould carefully, we had arrived at the moment of truth. This was where we had worked to for most of the project…

Opening the mould seemed easy and it looked like the product was going to come out completely. Would the product stick to the mould or come out smoothly? It was the latter, because of which we were very relieved. The first time we tried the product loosened from the mould at once. After inspecting the product thoroughly it was time to test the sound…

We put a phone in the amplifier playing the hit ‘Get down on it’ from Kool and The Gang. The difference was very distinguishable which resulted in a dance of joy from Wilson and Stan. The product works!

After the weekend we went to the center of town in Mumias to see what people thought of our product and what they would pay for it. Everyone we talked to liked it very much and we were told they had never seen a product like this. This led to people wanting to bargain for the price as they wanted to buy it directly. Because of this, the answers we got to our question: “how much would you buy this product for?” was quite debatable. At the time we’re working on the cost and selling price together with Wilson. When this is done the product can go into production!

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