Muima 19/20

Location: Kenya |

Jambo!! At the moment we, Stan van der Vliet, Renee Siepman and Elisa Bloem are living in Mumias, Kenya, for 3 months.

This is all because of our minor International Entrepreneurship and Development. In a small village close to the border of Uganda and Lake Victoria a local entrepreneur called Wilson set up his own business: Muima Industries. He and his employees collect plastic litter of the streets to make new products out of it through injection moulding. Our task is to design and create a new product to sell on the Kenyan market. Together with Wilson and Mukanda (a local mould maker) we detailed our designs and began the process. We are excited to see our products laying on the street markets soon! The product we’re making is an acoustic amplifier!! Kenyans love music and with that lots of people in Afrika. Next to this is our product waterproof, easy to carry with and it doesn’t use any electrical power. 

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