Layco Medical Devices - Project Completed

The goal of our project was to validate the prototype of the vacuum extractor (VeLa) from Layco Medical Devices on a business and technical level. This validation has been performed with a case study based on interviews and a simulation trial.

In November we started the business validation. Our aim was to gather feedback for the prototype and information about the lifecycle of the current used vacuum extractors. For this, we visited hospitals in Eldoret and Kisumu. In these hospitals we conducted many interviews with different kinds of stakeholders. Most of the stakeholders were gynaecologists/obstetricians, nurses, midwifes and cleaning officers. We noticed that the main reason for the low number of vacuum extractions, is the lack of knowledge. By this, vacuum extraction is being performed on already lost cases, which results in a lot of bad outcomes. This causes a negative stigma around vacuum extractions.

In January we started the simulation trial for the technical validation. December. In this trial we conducted two studies. In the first study, we used the mannikin (Lucy and her mum) to simulate births and get representative feedback from end-users about the design and usability of the VeLa. For this study, possible end-users, in this case the gynaecologists/obstetricians and midwives, were asked to use both the Kiwi and the VeLa on the mannikin. Afterwards, they were asked some questions about the comparison between the Kiwi and the VeLa. In the second study, we only used the newest prototype of the VeLa. We asked nurses and cleaning officers if they could assemble and disassemble the newest version of the VeLa. Afterwards, we also asked them their feedback on the user-friendliness of the device and about how they would clean the VeLa.

The outcomes of the interviews and simulation trial are now being used by Layco to improve their prototype and to make new connections for further collaborations once the VeLa is on the market.

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