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Location: Eldoret, Kenya |


We are Julia, Charlotte, Radu and Nicolette and we are currently working on a project in Kenya. The project is about the validation of a new, affordable, sustainable and reusable vacuum extractor (VE) designed by Layco Medical Devices, which assists in second stage obstructed natural births. In countries like Kenya a c-section is often chosen over the use of a vacuum extractor. This is because of costs and disposability of the current vacuum extractors. However, performing a c-section has a bigger chance of complications and is more expensive for the patients. Besides that, performing a c-section emits more CO2. During our time in Kenya, we will be validating the prototype of the VE by talking to multiple stakeholders (procurement officers, gynecologists, obstetricians, nurses, midwives and distributors). We will be collecting information about the usability, the cleaning and procurement process and current situation around second stage obstructed births. For presenting the concept of the new device, we will bring a prototype and manikin to simulate the birth. In this way, we can validate the device on a business and technical level.

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