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bringing Tanzanian weaving designs to the world stage

WEAVE! Sets as goal to bring modern hand woven Tanzanian products on the world market.  They make sure that the woven products of these women mean something on the present-day market of home ware products and also in the growing market of the entire cultural and creative industry.  WEAVE! increases with this the social, cultural and economic growth for the disadvantaged women from the inlands of Tanzania.

In the remote region of Morogoro, Tanzania, the IWWA (Ifakara Women’s Weavers Association) exists since 1993. This is a group of very motivated women who are known for their beautiful woven cotton cloths.  Unfortunately is their current existence in danger, because the lack of knowledge of modern designs and finding the right selling markets. Because of this they are not sufficient to earn their livelihood. In collaboration with professional designers they develop new woven products; also they strengthen their business operations and enter more national and international markets. Now 40 weavers are accompanied and also their (in) direct contacts get involved in the process of this new production chain. WEAVE! does not only improve the changes of a better life for these women, but also for 450 other people who are direct or indirect involved with the weavers or the production chain.

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