Weave! | more than just a business plan

This weekend the four Delft women from project Weave are leaving for Tanzania. There they will help a group of weavers to set up a shop where they can sell their cloths and products. But they do more than just writing this business plan for them.

While the project has been in progress for a while, the team discovered more and more possibilities for what they could do for the Tanzinian women. These women are used to painting the fabrics they work with by hand. This is done in a large pot on the street. This releases a lot of toxic gases, and this method is also very damaging to the environment.

Healthy dyeing
A washing machine has been developed in Kenya and Nepal with which large quantities of laundry can be washed quickly and without dependence on electricity. Now the question of this project was not to wash the fabrics, but to dye them. The team has converted the washing machine so that it can be used to give the Tanzanian fabrics the bright colors that make them so distinctive.

During their stay in Tanzania, the team will further test and develop the prototype so that before they return to the Netherlands there is a well-functioning device that will improve the production process for the women.

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