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Zanzibar is a tiny island at the coast of Tanzania. It is known for its breath-taking white beaches and clear blue waters. However, this beauty is as much a blessing as it is a curse. Tourism is an important income generator for the island but also generates a huge amount of waste.  A local company named Chako transforms this downside of tourism into a great opportunity: to reduce the waste and help employ the local youth and women. This is very important given the fact that half the population on Zanzibar lives below the poverty line.

Because glass is no longer the only kind of waste lying around on Zanzibar, Chako has decided to expand their business. They are going to start recycling plastic as well. And that’s where we, Uplifted, comes in! Together with the employees of Chako and the knowledge brought to us by Precious Plastic, we will build a step by step Plastic Shredder and Injection Moulding machine. With these machines we can first shred the litter into tiny parts and then transform them into new products with the moulding machine.

To enhance continuity, thus making this project successful, we’ll need to find a way to involve the employees of Chako throughout the building process. This so that they completely understand how the machines work. Building the machines together will learn them how they can maintain and develop the machinery even after our project ends and maybe even expand the park later.

In conclusion our goal is to reduce the amount of plastic waste on the island by creating compact but purposeful products out of the abundant plastic. For this we need to build a plastic shredder and injection moulding machine. To enhance continuity, we will do this together with the employees of Chako Zanzibar, sharing knowledge, creating employment opportunities and stimulating the local economy.

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