Tuintje in mijn hart - Horticentre Christoforus

Location: Suriname |

Hi everyone! We are Cato de Hullu, Saartje Feith and Charlotte Raven. Normally, we are Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering students, but we are entering a whole new field for our Minor International Entrepreneurship and Development. A tropical agricultural greenhouse has been placed at the Christoforus boarding school in Paramaribo, Suriname. Unfortunately, this is not yet optimally used. We are committed to raising this greenhouse technically to a higher level by, among other things, constructing a sustainable irrigation system. With this, we will on the one hand teach the students and make them enthusiastic about modern agriculture, by creating a educational program around the greenhouse. On the other hand, we will largely let the boarding house eat organic, self-grown vegetables, which saves a lot of costs!

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