Tuintje in mijn hart - Hydroponics version

Hi everyone! About a month ago you might have read about our project at the Christoforus Internaat in Paramaribo, Suriname, where a tropical agricultural greenhouse is used to teach the students and to make them enthusiastic about modern agriculture. In addition, we want to provide the boarding school of enough vegetables for a daily meal. We have already started this with the installation of a sustainable irrigation system, so that the plants are continuously supplied with enough water, also during the holidays and weekends. The result was clearly visible after the Christmas holidays, a huge harvest of amsoi! This gave us the motivation to go the extra mile; the installation of a hydroponic system within the greenhouse. This is an innovational and sustainable way of growing in a greenhouse: it is not grown in the soil, but in water. Many vegetables have proven to grow faster in this system, and the quality is very high. This installation also provides extensive guidance, to teach the students, but also the supervisors about the use of this cultivation method. This will enable more and better harvests, and the students will get to know modern agriculture even better.

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