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Who are we?

Lukas, Berend and Faik are students in Sustainable Energy Technology at the TU Delft. For our thesis we have worked on DC-possibilities within the project of electrification on the countryside. The most significant reason for us to join this project is to be part of the energytransition while tackling the problem of accessibility and at the same time creating social impact.

The challenge

Even though accessibility to electricity is not a solution to poverty, it is a crucial factor. Numbers indicating a lack of accessibility are most alarming in countryside areas of development countries like Ethiopia, where only 8% of the countryside people have acces to a provision like this. As a consequence, this is the location chosen to perform the first pilotproject where the prototype of our solar home-system will be implemented.

Our solution

With the introduction of the power delivery protocol together with USB-type c-connectors, our solar home-system can charge batterycells and deliver powerfull loads like TV, radio, fans, etc. With the modular approach of this project periodic payments are eliminated and financing costs are avoided. The long term goal is to connect households creating a low voltage-DC-microgrid.

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