R.O.I.S for water purification

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Water is the most important nutrient for human well-being. In spite of being abundant, availability of safe water is still a scarcity in rural regions of many developing countries. Drinking of non-purified water cause various water-related diseases which may result in fatality. Most of the water purification system rely on electricity and serve an individual house hold. A mechanical water purification system that is cheap, easy to maintain and serve a large mass can solve the issue of unsafe water at a large scale.

My ambition was to build a water purifier which can be installed in community water tanks. I have designed a mechanical dosing system which injects chlorine solution in the water tank based on inflow of water, thus replacing the old technique of addition of chlorine manually (often resulting in over and under dose of chlorine). The first design was based on Buoyancy (called Buoyancy operated injecting system). The latest design is called Rotation operated injecting system (R.O.I.S). 

In brief, R.O.I.S (see image) consist of two chambers. One chamber rotates with the flow of water and this rotational energy is used in other chamber for injection of liquid chemical or purifying agent. You can find a detailed video on its principle and making here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qQad6oy2Ac&feature=youtu.be

The testing of the system can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h24k5TwUouY

This system works but still significant development is required to implement it. In my project, I developed this system with Mr. Erwin can Asbeck (Science centre, TU Delft). An NGO working in Uganda is interested to install and test it in one of the rain water tanks. Presently, I am looking for students who can work on this project and develop it further. Although, I also plan to construct a modified 3D printed prototype which may serve as the basis for the students working on this topic in future. 

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