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The Maldives, an 800 km long island group in the Indian Ocean. The lack of agriculture due to climate and knowledge result in a big problem: 90% of its food is being imported. This results into a high CO2 emmission due to transport (the food comes from all over the world), a big cashflow that doesn’t stay at the local communities, a high dependency on foreign countries and lack of knowledge and education because of a lack of this industry. Our plan is to realize a high-tech greenhouse in the Maldives.

The greenhouse will cool during night to enlarge the difference in day and night temperature. This way we are able to produce crops that can’t be grown nowadays. The greenhouse will be one hectare and has one additional hectare of supporting facilities. Such as a biodigester, water storage, a desalination plant and solar panels. The greenhouse will not only provide the locals and the Maldivian tourist sector from fresh vegetables but also renewable electricity and fresh drinkable water

Currently we are working on our feasibility study to get it socially, technically and financially feasible. We do this in colaboration with the NGO Live&Learn in the Maldives. We are planning to do a tomato grow test. In case this has a positive outcome, our greenhouse builder guarantees the technical feasibility of the greenhouse. Besides the grow test we want to execute a market analysis. That gives us the full insight of the current market to strenghten our business case.

Due to the funds of S4S we are able to execute the tomato grow test on site. One step closer to a resilient island.

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