Lilihan Buildup


During the summer of 2018, the start will be made on the ‘Lilihan Buildup’, a innovative and sustainable project to improve living conditions for the local inhabitants of the remote and hard to reach part of the village of Altavista. The plot of our project lies on a hill called Lilihan Hill which is located on Poro Island, Cebu province, Philippines.

The project has a multi-phase setup. Each phase will be conducted and continued by different student teams over the upcoming years. The goal is to set up a small-scale local non-profit enterprise where (agricultural) goods will be produced. The main focus during the project lies on the fact that all is done by, and for the local people by using sustainable and (local)renewable sources whenever possible.

The first student team will start by building the much needed essentials which include:

- Constructing a water well with a solar-powered pump and a water tank to provide the villagers with drinking water. Currently, water is supplied by transporting jerry cans on scooter.

- Work on a place to live for the local host who will run the enterprise in the future.

- Conduct an orientation study on the island’s trading culture and develop a healthy business-plan for a small enterprise. Producing fair-trade food products for export to Netherlands or woodworking craftsmanship are examples.

Subsequent student teams will continue Lilihan Buildup by realising a solar park to power  the neighbors and the production of goods, growing tropical crops, and building the required facilities for the small enterprise.

Lilihan Buildup will result in a sustainable example of entrepreneurship and facilities which lead to benefits for local people.

If you would like to contribute to the project, the first team would be happy to start a conversation about a way to collaborate. contact information is given below; as well as a booklet with all information about the project:


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