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Welcome to the project “Kickstart Okana”! We are a group of four students from the TU Delft. Our project will be an extention of the project ‘Pavilions for Okana’. In the past months a community centre has been set up in Okana, a small village in West-Kenya. In the upcoming three months we will try to find out how to make this centre financially self sustaining. To realise this we will start with a project based on the idea of two students from Dublin.

This idea is to build a frame out of bamboo which can be attached to a bike, called the BamGoo system. By using this frame the inhabitants are able to move more products in less time. The frame is designed in such a way that it is easy to remove from the bike and can be carried while walking. Development and transportation therefore come together, since it will be easier to transport, and therefore sell, more products. The benefit of using this system over a metal frame is the sustainability and the fact that bamboo is a fast growing plant. By producing this product together with the local community we hope that they will become more aware of the potential that lies in using bamboo.

By producing the BamGoo-system at the community centre an income can be generated for the centre by charging for maintenance costs. Besides this other income generating possibilites will be researched.

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