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sale Abanica - Atelier Favela

Atelier Favela is an aid organization in Nicaragua run by volunteers. The organization is committed to underprivileged children and young adults who are unable to develop due to poverty or social exclusion. With this project, among others, Atelier Favela wants to give mainly young mothers a chance for a better future by teaching them skills and at the same time providing a fair income.

The products made will be sold on the Dutch market to create awareness and to make the project independent of subsidies.

Atelier Favela has previously achieved success in Rio de Janeiro with a similar project (a series of bags, made of boots and jeans).

On the basis of the knowledge of Just Solutions and the local research of Atelier Favela, the products will be designed for the Dutch market.

S4S has supported Just Solutions and thereby Atelier Favela financially so that Just Solutions can design new products for Atelier Favela. The support of S4S will be used for prototyping different products and for the first series of the final product to be produced.

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