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We are three students of the Technical University in Delft. Together we are exploring the possibilities of obtaining sustainable food in The Gambia. Our main goal is: Stimulating market-driven agriculture and local entrepreneurship using innovative solar drying of fruits and vegetables.

Last year a prototype of a solar dryer was designed and built. This year our aim lies especially with the implementation of this innovative technology into society: we will focus on filling in the gap between a working design and setting up a valid profitable system for local markets. During our stay in The Gambia we will conduct research on several subjects and phases contributing to our goal by getting to know market opportunities and at the same time providing the local people with the knowledge about and the means to obtaining sustainable food as a solution for food insecurity and malnutrition. Therefore our most important activity will be the building of a new solar dryer in another village in the Gambia, to enable the local villagers to preserve their food by drying it, which will make it last longer. This way they might be able to decrease their food insecurity and  have a more varied diet all year round.



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