DOMO | First 2 weeks

The first two weeks in the Gambia have been going well. We have immediately been immersed in the Gambian culture and local traditions and have especially learnt a lot about the living conditions. This acquired knowledge will be of good use for the rest of the project.

Our predecessors have built a solar dryer in Jakaba last year, which was a good reason to arrange a visit to this village. We can happily conclude that this solar dryer is in good conditions and has been used quite a bit by the
locals for the drying of fruits and vegetables. In the rain season, the materials have been safely stored to prevent any damage. Consequently, we got acquainted with the inhabitants of Ndoky, the village where the new solar dryer will be built. This was a special moment, creating a foundation for further cooperation. The people showed us the location they had in mind for the solar dryer and with the use of a translator, we’ve explained all our plans to the Alkalo (village chief) who, to our delight, responded enthusiastically. To prepare us for the building of the solar dryer, we’ve visited a few markets to get acquainted with the local materials and prices. This was a good opportunity to take the first steps of obtaining all the necessary supplies. All of the timber has been bought and most of the building tools have been acquired. All in all, the project is going according to plan and we hope to continue along this good path in the future.

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