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We are Design in Freefall, a design team from the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. We are Donna, Angeles, Gijs, Robert and Tim, and we have been designing a plastic bag digester since September 2016.

Our industrial design student project aims on improving the lives of people in Kenya and Tanzania by increasing the accessibility to the durable energy resource biogas. Currently most people in East Africa are cooking on wood or charcoal, which has a bad impact on people’s health and the environment!  East African farmers to generate biogas from manure can use the plastic bag digester. This biogas is a clean energy source for cooking that has potential to be a cheap alternative for less clean sources.

Since the start of the project in September, we’ve already done in-depth field research in Kenya and Tanzania, generated loads of new ideas, and developed a concept that is ready to undergo severe on-site testing. The coming weeks part of our team returns to Kenya and Tanzania to test our prototype on functionality and usability. In the end we hope are product has a positive impact on the lives of farmers in East Africa!   

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