Co-curation “Palermo hosting city” exhibition

Medhak is a project designed with the hope to achieve an increase of the social cohesion in Palermo, a city permeated by the current humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean.

The team is created with an immediate goal to engage two young migrants into a participatory research and curation of an exhibition that will explore the meaning of hospitality in the city of Palermo. The migrants will take on the role of researchers and curators, and take part in a training programme with a “learning by doing” approach for the exhibition. They will design their own research toolkit, taking it to the field and iterating on it; collecting insights and communicating them.

However, Medhak also has the longer-term goal of exploring the interactions between the native and the migrant community of Palermo, and show them in such a way to improve them. The trained migrants will act as “translators” between two groups and be embedded in the context of a local eco-museum, “Mare Memoria Viva”. The museum which will acquire the know-how on how to design the research for future actions and exhibitions.

Therefore, we will further the objective of closing the gap between these two communities, making both of them feel more welcomed in the city that has become their living place, either through birth or through sea.

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