Unfortunately, our time in Ghana together with JDEVS came to an end. For the past six months, we have been able to develop ourselves during our minor International Entrepreneurship & Development. The goal was to work with JDEVS on growing their business. In the end, we completed two amazing projects towards a more sustainable company. So that goal is well accomplished!

At first, we performed market research with Desmond, consisting of three parts. What are actually the habits around drinking tea in Ghana? Are people willing to use and buy a reusable tea bag? As a result of the questionnaires and interviews, we and JDEVS made concrete ideas and plans for the future. Think about free sample packs with the reusable tea filter alongside their mushroom tea. 

The second part of the project consisted of building the indirect solar dryer. All this we did together with JDEVS, several local stakeholders, and a group of students from the TU Delft. With full pride, we can say that Daniel built the dryer excellently using locally available and relatively cheap materials. The knowledge exchange will hopefully ensure more dryers at Kwadaso Agricultural College in the future. 

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