UPDATE I: Empowering Tanzanian Farmers

Significant progress has been made on the farm. The irrigation system is now operational, and technical improvements have been made to the water infrastructure. Strategic closures have been placed in the pipes to efficiently manage water flow. On the farm, the solar pump is connected, pumping water from Lake Victoria up to the new main tank with a capacity of 10,000 liters. From there, water is distributed across the entire farm using gravity.

In recent weeks, we have not only invested in a larger main tank but also elevated its position, allowing water to flow more smoothly thanks to gravity. Additionally, we have invested in a solar pump house, a 10,000-liter water tank, a 2.5-meter stand for the irrigation tank, and additional closures for the pipes, all aimed at enabling and optimizing irrigation. The design of the solar pump house is integrated into the position of the mother tank, which is a cost-efficient and sustainable solution.

The irrigation system is now functioning properly, and we have already planted the first tomato plants in the ground. In the coming weeks, all other crops will be planted, and a closing mechanism will be installed in each tank to prevent flooding when they are full. To further motivate the farmers and prevent neglect of the system, they themselves have financed the purchase of all seeds. This way, they will only recover the investment when the final product meets the standards. This approach encourages them to make the most out of the irrigation system.

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