Update Greenhouse JOOUST

We’ve arrived only four weeks ago in Bondo, the first week was mainly assigned to meeting a lot of people from the university. This week we met the Vice Chancellor, the head of the university, twice. He was very enthusiastic about our team and directly assigned us some other problems we could solve.

During the second week we met Dr. Andika and Mr. Achuti, they represent the university and the ministry of agriculture in the project. Mr. Achuti took us to a few farmers around Bondo to get an idea about farming in the region. He has also been of a very good help with the curriculum for the course. This help resulted in a complete curriculum of 60 pages that was already finished in week 2.

The third week we started with the construction of the greenhouse. On Sunday all the materials were delivered so we could start the excavation of the soil on Monday. We had a team of 8 farmers who worked very hard and helped us really good during the construction of the greenhouse.

After four days the construction of the greenhouse was almost finished. On Friday the beds for the plants were prepared and de driplines for the water systems were tested. On Friday we also got the opportunity to present our project on a conference at the university. There were a few attendants who work with greenhouses and gave us some helpful tips.

The following weekend we’ve sown the seeds for the tomato plants. This has to be done during the evening because during the day it’s too hot. Last week we’ve continued working on the course. The students from the JOOUST have finished their exams by now so next week we can start working on the course together with them. We hope to be able to start giving the course in January so we’ll be available to implement some of the comments of the partakers.

Esther, Floortje, Nienke, Simone & Sybren

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