Update Bambu Social 2.0

The Bambú Social project is almost halfway and we would like to give you a second update on our experiences and progress. In the past six weeks we have been evaluating the design and the construction of the model house, we have also been working on improvements for the first design of a social house. We analyse the construction on the different connections, the strength and the use of materials. Our goal is to deliver a design that can be constructed with local materials and techniques. Besides analysing the technical aspect of the bamboo house we also pay attention to the social aspects. We have been investigating the current housing situation in El Rama by visiting people in their homes. Together with the inhabitants of El Rama we discuss their wishes for their future housing situation and the possibilities they see for building with bamboo.

The last week of November we travelled to Managua to visit the Universidad Centro Americana (UCA), where we organized a design case. The students shared their ideas on social housing and constructing with bamboo, this resulted in eye-opening ideas. We are very excited to work together with the students and we are looking in to the possibility of working together on a more regular basis. We believe that contact with local universities, businesses and initiatives is an important aspect. In last couple of weeks we met with local initiatives like CEDEHCA, BlueEnergy, EcoPlanet Bamboo and CEPRODEL to find ways to work together in the future.

Another important part of our project is of course the constructing and testing of bamboo connections and elements. Last week we cleaned and transported the bamboo to the Bambú Social workplace in El Rama where it will complete its drying process until January.

We are very grateful for your support and your shared interest in contributing to a sustainable solution for the housing crisis in Nicaragua. It is our pleasure to keep you updated on the progress we make. For more information please visit bambusocial.com and facebook.com/bambusocial. 

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