Update Bambu Social 2.0

The Bambú Social 2.0 team has been in Nicaragua for almost a month, a good time to give you an update on our experiences and the progress of the project.

With the team we stay in El Rama, the same place as where the bamboo model house has been build. During our first weeks in El Rama we have been selecting the right bamboo. Eventually we came in contact with a farmer in a nearby village who is very interested in the project. In the upcoming weeks we will be cutting and transporting the bamboo.

Another important part of the project is approaching partners and gathering contacts because a large network is important for the continuity of Bambú Social. The main contacts are of course the people of El Rama and the local authorities. By involving them in the project we hope to create a greater sense of involvement in the society. This means that we maintain good contact with the municipality of El Rama and the local University (BICU). We also visit people at home, as part of our social study in which analyse the current living situation of the inhabitants of El Rama. Every we come we get a very warm welcome and we noticed that everybody likes to be involved in the project. This we also noticed during our visit to the Universidad Centroamericana (UCA) in Managua where we organized a design workshop for the students. The enthusiastic response of the students is very motivating for us, we have already received some applications for an internship. The next week we will see how we can involve these students in the project.

For a full report of the first few weeks, you can visit our Facebook or website. Here you can also find the latest pictures.

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