Team Zoom | Update 2

Week 2 of our visit to Nigeria!

After the first week in Ibadan, we got a lot of information. We did research to the healthcare system of Nigeria. From this we got a lot of information about the points of attention for the implementation in the healthcare context for our product. After this week it was time to travel to Lagos. After a lot of scary stories about the traffic (it can take between 2 – 8 hours), we decided to leave early. Once we arrived in Lagos, we got warmly welcomed by Felicitas who was our guide for the week.

The goal of visiting Lagos is to collaborate with the different faculties, such as Biomedical engineering and system engineering, to get insights from the students. For this we planned co-creation sessions with the students. In these sessions we presented our product after which we had a discussion about every component of the product. To research the use of the product, we also planned a role-play in which the students pretend they are doctor or patient, from which we can see on what the product needs to be improved.

It was very interesting to see the dynamics between the students, since they all have different backgrounds. The biomedical students were merely focussed on the medical aspects and the system engineering students were interested in, as you might have predicted, the algorithm of the product.

The second goal of our visit was to create a manufacturing map. For this we went to all the markets in Lagos to source our needed material. This, went a little different than expected. In Nigeria, they do not have wholesale stores, but small private shops. This, however, made it a very interesting day.

After the second week, it is time to go back to the Netherlands, to process our findings and make a new prototype, so the second group can take these with them!

See you next time!

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