Team Sandflytraps - Update II

Today is already our final day in Kenya! The hole leishmania team from KEMRI and ICIPE gathered today to hear about our results of the research we did for the past month in Kenya. 
Last week, we finished our research in the sandfly lab. All the results about how to attract and kill a sandfly will be taken home in order to design a strategy and a concept product for an optimal sandfly trap that will eventually be used by the nomadic tripes in Kenya. 

Together with the teams at ICIPE and KEMRI, we are the first ones to do research about how to trap a sandfly. In the last month, we found some results about how to attract and kill a sandfly. However, one month is too short to complete an entire research that has not been done before. Therefore, we are planning to write a research plan and strategy for the future groups that will continue our work! We look back at a great experience in Kenya. The teams in KEMRI and ICIPE were of great help and we are looking forward to continue our project in the Netherlands for the upcoming two months! 

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