SweepSmart! | Update 4

This week the operations team spent their time at ELCITA to finish the projects that we currently have running, so that by the end of the week we could start working at Hasiru Dala. On Saturday, the big clean up took place, and the new site layout was implemented. 

Throughout the week we made the final touches and the final site layout is finally complete. The baling process has also been optimised, with 2 additional pins and pre-cut cardboard to fit in the baler that have been made for wrapping. The progress will be tracked in the coming weeks, and we hope to see some improvements in time taken per bale. The site neatness will be finished in the coming weeks where the grounds will be hardened and the ELCITA sign will be replaced. Enid, from the data team, on the other hand has been focussed on the scheduling of the routes for the drivers, which has proved to be more difficult than expected. Each driver has been given a list with companies as a compromise between contracts and actual visiting frequencies. Additionally, she has been working on a new business proposition for Waste Wise, to give the company a new identity, and make it more attractive for companies to choose Waste Wise as their waste collecting service. 

Floor has spent the week focussing on the KPI dashboard, so that improvements can be tracked, and has been analysing Hasiru Dala's incoming and outgoing sales data. The operations team started at Hasiru Dala, and has made a new proposed site layout and site neatness plan, which was approved on Saturday. The site layout includes a platform to introduce a second floor to the site for extra storage space, whereas the site neatness plan includes a drastic makeover cleaning up the entire exterior, repainting the walls and labelling each new storage area accordingly. Lastly, a long meeting at the MindTree offices, the owners of the IGotGarbage application, took place on Wednesday in collaboration with Waste Wise to discuss the new collection and facility application, with the hope that both sites will start using the application. Each site got to put in their suggestions on how to improve the application and make it more user friendly.

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