SweepSmart! | Update 3

Week 4 of the project was again a very productive week en we booked a lot of progress concerning the implementation. We started with the IGG app and the drivers can now scan QR codes when they arrive at a company, which makes it possible to immediately fill in the collected amounts of waste per stream.

Next to this we have been very busy with the Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) guidelines. It is op vital importance that everything on site happens in a safe manner en before these guidelines there were never rules about this. Especially when the conveyor belt is installed this will play a big role on the site.

Next to this we changed the whole layout of the site. The new layout will greatly improve the efficiency on the site and will create space for the conveyor belt. We made signs that show what material streams should be stored where, which include pictures so the sorters, who don’t speak English, also know what materials should be placed where.

Another thing that will contribute to the health of the sorters is that we fixed the pushcart. This much cart makes the work of the sorters much easier, as it allows them to transport big amounts of garbage bags over the site, decreasing the chance of back pains.

At the end of the week we organized a big clean up for the site. The whole team was busy all day cleaning the entire site. We hope this will contribute to the working conditions for all people who work on the premises.

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