STEM education - Update I

These past two weeks have been rich in insights valuable for our projects. We started the collaboration with the Red Cross lab experts to make prototypes. We conducted four new sessions at schools for which we engaged Red Cross volunteers to facilitate.
Dorrit tested several aspects of her educational tool, focussing on how to trigger the learners to think critically about the given problem. 

Emma tested several versions of her prototype. The girls got to think of context-related challenges about STEM, in teams, to collect points and win the game. 

Furthermore, Emma facilitated a creative session to get feedback and new ideas for Dorrit’s project. It was useful to get an expert and fresh eye on her concept.

We have also continued our exploration of the island and its surroundings. We went sailing on a dhow, the traditional boat of Lamu!

Looks  like wood? Well, the whole boat is actually made out of recycled HDPE! This Flip Flopi initiative aims to fight plastic pollution by building traditional boats.

It is almost the end of the academic year in Kenya and the children have to revise for the national exams. This means sadly the end of the school visits and sessions.

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