RIWIK 2.0 | RIWIK East Africa!

RIWIK East Africa! Under this name, RIWIK is now registered as a company in Kenya, a very nice achievement! The project is busy establishing contacts for future collaborations and has already discussed a lot with potential customers who need to buy the windmill. Potential wind-rich areas are also being examined and preparations are being made to install more mills.

Work is currently underway to repair the prototype and further develop the windmill. Unfortunately, this is also accompanied by setbacks, an anemometer that was bought burned out for unknown reasons and was sent back to our cold little country for repair, the meter should be back within two weeks and can be used again.

All in all, considerable efforts are being made to optimize the mill and make contacts for the continuation of the project. The next newsletter will certainly contain an update! In the meantime, the project can be followed at http://marijnwouters.waarbenjij.nu.

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