Reefy Seagrass - Project Completed!

Since our previous post, a lot has happened. In December all our 15 testing fields had been put underwater, using nails and bamboo, we had spoken to a lot of experts and hung up infographics to raise more awareness for seagrass restoration.  Unfortunately, a big storm came at the end of December that flushed away our test sites as well as years-old coral recovery sites. We learned that storms like this occur once every few years in Gili, so we had to make the prototype sturdier. We iterated on our prototype in January and tested it on different coast sides of Gili Air. These prototypes are still in the water and are being monitored by Gili Shark Conservation. All data gathered from Gili Shark conservation will be shared with us so that we will be updated even after our return to the Netherlands. Also, Reefy will continue to research seagrass restoration methods to further develop the product. 

We look back on our experience in Gili air with happiness and gratitude. We hope that the results of the seagrass study can be a start of seagrass recovery on the island and other places around the world. 

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