Reef support - update III


Dear Blue Ranger,

We have been back in the Netherlands for a month now, which means it is time for the third update on the Reef Support project!

The two Reef tanks, donated by Students4Sustainability, have been filled to the brim with corals. These corals are fragments gathered from the sea at Kecinan Bay. Soon they will be micro-fragmented into new sets of small corals. Once these are big enough, they can be planted back into the sea.

In the meantime, three other students from Bali have started their internship at Indonesia Biru Foundation. They are planting corals back from the tank, checking the conditions in which the corals live, and they check their survival rates. Since we do not live in a perfect world, some of the corals did not make it. However, these were few in comparison to the ones thriving. Most of the corals are growing very fast and showing healthy behavior, both in the Reef tanks and planted back into the sea.

The past few months have been very inspiring and successful, way more than we would have ever hoped. But that was only achievable with all the support that we got, especially from Students4Sustainability. For the future we hope that we can keep on restoring the corals and be an inspiration, especially towards younger generations.

Thank you, Blue Ranger! 

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