Prakti update I

The past few weeks were mainly focussed on finalizing my literature research about Uganda. The goal was to summarize the research into several insights which can be compared to the information found in Ghana. 

During these weeks I also set up the field research and determined what I wanted to collect and how, also it was important to find the right contacts who could help me in the process. Last Sunday, the first of January I arrived in Accra the capital of Ghana. The day after was a national holiday however this did not affect any of my work because the NGO who helps me ISEES (Institute for Sustainable Energy and Environmental Solutions) were able to assist me immediately. They are helping me in finding communities and people who I can interview but also with translation work. Many people speak the local dialect. 

On Wednesday I did my first cooking observation where they made fufu and light soup. Fufu consist of cassava and plantain (type of banana). Ghanaians boil and pound this mixture in order to create a firm texture. Next to this she made a soup, called 'light soup' including tomatoes, chillies, onions, garlic, dried fish and meat.

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