LUMEN | Introduction

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We are excited to tell you that for the coming eleven weeks, LUMEN is going to Tanzania! We will keep you updated of our journey with stories, pictures and vlogs. Stay tuned and follow our weekly posts!

Introducing LUMEN 
We are LUMEN, a design team consisting of JohanJorisNina and Daniël. Our mission is to have a positive impact in the emerging economy of Tanzania by redesigning the night fishing industry and improve the lives of the fishermen. We have backgrounds in Industrial Design Engineering, with different specializations in the following focus areas: Interaction between people, products and services; technical feasibility of products and viability of the final outcome. We work together with Sagar Energy Solutions, a social enterprise that promotes sustainable developments and is in close contact with the fishermen already.

Project description 
The main goal of the project is to design a solar-based alternative that can replace the conventional kerosene lanterns deployed in the night fishing industry in Tanzania. Sagar is currently developing a solar lamp that eradicates the use of kerosene. Thereby, the lamp greatly decreases the environmental impact, creates a safer and healthier working environment for the fishermen and pays itself back quickly because of its low operational costs. The lamps are all powered by modular charging stations that will later be retrofitted to allow sales of follow-up solutions for drying, packaging and storage of fish. 
The outcome of will be a final prototype of the solar fishing lamp and a training program for assembly in Tanzania.

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