Greenhouse production | Week 5 & 6

Last weeks we have been busy again. Although December is an official holiday month in Surinam, we have worked hard to make big strides. Meanwhile we can proudly say that the final design including manual is finished. However, this is not the only thing that we have been dealing with in the past few weeks, because when you start a business a lot of things need to be done before selling a product.

First, the business plan. We are currently working with our entrepreneur, Ken Doorson, on writing a business plan. This plan must include a long-term strategy, customer segments, what kind of service the company will deliver etc. Together with Ken we are getting closer to a definitive version.

In addition, a company is of course nothing without a location. Together with Ken we are busy with visiting various locations in Moengo. The location is almost official, so that is very exciting. We chose the location in Moengo because with this project we would like to stimulate the local economy in Moengo.

The Agri and Food Fair will take place in Moengo on January 18th. Here we will promote our company among potential customers. We have been busy drawing up a program for the Fair. We will already give away one fun activity. At the fair we will present our model greenhouse (scale 1:16). This greenhouse can be used as an illustration to the customers. In this model greenhouse we will start planting together with people. We do this with seeds from the Albert Heijn.

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