Greenhouse production | Week 1 & 2

Two years ago, a group of 4 TU Delft students build a wooden greenhouse at Hendrik Pinas. If you take a closer look to the picture, you can see the wooden greenhouse behind the new greenhouse.  And this new greenhouse is some good news, because Hendrik Pinas was able to build it with the money he gained from the greenhouses build at TU Delft. 

A few days ago, we visited the greenhouses from Hendrik Pinas in Moengo, Suriname. We observed a few weak spots on these houses. We repaired them and started with an optimization of the new model. For example, we have made the roof some what longer in order to make sure that the whole ground surface is now in the shadow. Furthermore, we have made the ground posts a bit more stable by adding a few extra tension bars. Next week, we will have a look at different types of connection pieces to build a suitable IKEA standard building kit. It is a big challenge, but we are having good progresses. 

Besides that, we are really busy to get in touch with a potential supplier for all the materials needed for the greenhouse. Lastly, we will start our search for the one and only entrepreneur who will start, together with us, the company. We already have someone in mind, but we're not sure yet whether or not he is willing to take the task. 

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