Greenfarming at the Cottica - Final Update


We are back in the Netherlands for one month now. We often think of the pretty times we had in Surinam, a time in which we learned and achieved many things. We had to get used to the life in the Netherlands again, not only the weather, bus also the way of living. We have busy schedules and it’s difficult here to make appointments, something we didn’t have in Surinam. Our goodbye in Surinam was special, especially for the people who we were closely related to. Literally everyone asked when we would come back. One of the chiefs of the village stayed during the project told us we had developed ourselves  into real Aukaners (the tribe where we stayed), which was very special to hear for us. 

Sometimes we get messages from people we worked with. The farmers are using the hydroponics enthusiastically, we received pictures on which the vegetables flourished. We hope that they will continue and will not stop because of some setbacks. The technique showed the people in the area that more agricultural techniques than the one they are used to (slash-and-burn) exist and it addresses much of their creative capabilities. In follow-up projects more hydroponic systems could be installed at enthusiastic farmers, and the systems of the farmers could be enhanced or expanded. Some farmers even had plans for themselves to build additional tables. 

We want to thank S4S and the sponsors for your financial support to this project!

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