DagUp - Update I

Hi everyone, this is our first update, hope you are as excited as we are!


After weeks of diving in the piles of papers, the research and analysis phase has come to a temporary end. We did a thorough examination on the current product’s sustainability impact and background research of current and possible preservation solutions. There are quit some insights that can lead us to some new ideas and modifications. We found out that the frame, fuel and wire mesh of the current solution has high sustainability impact. Thus, in the new ideas, we reduced the frame volume, find alternative heat source, such as heat pump and better biofuel, and reused the old fishing net to replace the wire mesh. Moreover, the background research shows us some opportunities in utilizing natural resources and some challenges of the current situation. Therefore, some methods are researched to utilize the natural wind for ventilation, and to tackle the challenges, e.g. heat recovery, in order to maximize the sustainability performance of the new ideas.


With all these insights, we made some downscaled models to get some user feedback. And the coming feedback will be a reveal of our next exciting stage: Prototyping and Evaluation!

That’s all for our first update. Thank you for your support, see you next time!

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