Chako - Update III

After we made our deadline before Christmas, we finished the machine, it was time for our well-deserved break for Christmas and new-year. Instead of spending our holiday in the Dutch rain or snow our days now were full with the sun, beaches and the sea. We had no accidents with the fireworks, so now that we are back out our beloved place, Stone Town, we can start with the last weeks of our project.


Before Christmas we went by a dozen of cafés, restaurants and hotels with the question if they could collect plastic for us, so if we came back in the beginning of January we had enough plastic to start experimenting. After today’s visit at all the places a little less places did actually collect the plastics then we expected at first. But the places that did collect the plastics did this so good that we have enough plastic to start experimenting for the coming weeks.


The plan for the coming and unfortunately last weeks on Zanzibar is as follow. First we are going to experiment ourselves with the different temperatures and speed of the machine. Also we are going to see what kind of different products there can be made with those different temperatures and speed, so that we can takes this information with us for the production process.

If all of this is finished we are going to run through the whole machine with some employees of Chako. We show them how we made the machine and what are the most vulnerable parts of the machine so that they can replace them if this is necessary. After this we are going to make a clear instruction for the employees so that everybody knows how to work with the machine.


The last weeks of the project have started and we are going to work hard to fine tune the machine and we hope to make the first recycled products as soon as possible!




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