CHAKO - Update II

Dear readers!

The big moment has arrived: the ‘bike-shredder’ is ready to be shipped to Zanzibar! We drove to Middelburg with a huge van, which we borrowed from Sophie’s dad. In Middelburg, we wrapped the ‘bike-shredder’ in bubble wrap. At this moment, the ‘bike-shredder’ is in a container waiting for the cargo ship to be loaded. 

The up-coming weeks, we will be busy with the finish in touch of our construction plan. This construction plan is necessary, so that the ‘bike-shredder’ can easily be produced on a large scale for CHAKO and for worldwide purpose. 

In order to produce a ‘bike-shredder’, it is useful to create a large transmission between the crank and the shaft of the shredder. This is necessary, because the shredder needs a large force to shred the plastic into pallets. In addition, we have used a flywheel, which ensures a more even drive. The shredder is placed on a temporary scaffold. This scaffold needs replacement when the ‘bike-shredder’ arrives in Zanzibar, because the shredder pulls up when shredding plastic. By fixing the scaffolding in the ground, the shredder will not be able to pull up. 

If you want to view the entire construction plan, go to

See you at the next update,

Sophie, Jamil & Emma

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