CHAKO - Update I

Dear readers!

In the past months, we have been working on the ‘bike-shredder’. Firstly, we made a design for the ‘bike-shredder’. Based on these technical drawings, we made several calculations for critical parts. Once we had a clear construction plan, we selected and ordered the materials. We are very grateful to Swapfiets for donating a beautiful red bicycle.

At the same time as selecting and ordering the materials, we started a crowdfunding campaign. Largely thanks to Students4Sustainability, we achieved our target amount!

With the funds ready to start production, we could finally start. Unfortunately, not everything went as smoothly as expected. Due to the new COVID-19 measures taken by the government, getting help from experts and finding a working space was a major challenge. Moreover, the deliveries of materials were very slow or we received wrong parts. Fortunately, we found a working space! For three weeks we were able to use the Makerspace at the Faculty of Applied Physics. Under the guidance of technical teaching assistant Diederik la Haye, we have managed to develop the ‘bike-shredder’. The result is impressive: a well-functioning plastic shredder powered by human power!

See you at the next update,

Sophie, Jamil & Emma

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